Company overview


When improvement and innovation is critical to your business then Elaggar group is your ideal partner.
Elaggar was born in Egypt in 1948 to be a leader in tire business and it succeeds, because Elaggar believes in continuous improvement and loyalty to it's brands, it is now either a distributor or franchiser of more than eight international tires brands.   

As a flagship of Elaggar Company it is able to call on expertise and experience in depth across the whole spectrum of our business.

Since the beginning Elaggar has surpassed all market demand with preserving its stability because Elaggar thinks that its’ suppliers and customers are partners in success.
This success has not been easy, it has taken dedication and skill within a long period of time in which Elaggar has earned an enviable name as one of the most honest and professional names in Egypt. This business reputation has led to the company's current prestigious portfolio.

From a small family business in 1948 to today's highly successful organization, Elaggar group has built a solid base of skill, knowledge, customer service and a remarkable market presence. With the attention to our values, believing that the strength of the company comes from professionalism and competence of its employer as much as from its commitment to its suppliers and customers.